Romantic Comedy

Don’t let the title fool you–Romantic Comedy is not very funny. Nor is it very romantic. It stars Dudley Moore and Mary Steenbergen as writing partners who spend years fighting their attraction to each other…and just plain fighting. He marries the wrong woman, then she marries the wrong man. These crazy kids just can’t seem to get their timing right.

Dudley Moore strikes just the right world-weary note, while Mary Steenbergen has the bright-eyed new girl in town act down pat, but I just don’t buy these two as a couple. Partly, because Mr. Moore is practically a head shorter than Ms. Steenbergen. When he raves and rants at her I kept wondering why she doesn’t just swat him like a bug. Other than the two leads, the acting is lackluster and the plot meanders and drags. Before I saw Romantic Comedy, I wondered why I’d never heard of it. Now I know why. Take my advice:  let this one pass you by and watch Arthur instead.

Essie Mini How High

Essie’s Mini How High (don’t ask me what that name means, I don’t get it) is a pale pink jelly. The above picture is 3 coats and it’s still a bit sheer. This is a very girly color, but subtle. Definitely work appropriate. ~K