The Big Year

Back when The Big Year was in theaters, my father laughed at me when I said I wanted to see it. I just sort of figured that if Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson were all in one movie, it had to be pretty funny, right? Well, we didn’t go see it. Instead, we went and saw In Time, which was a fine movie, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as The Big Year.

I am definitely easily impressionable. I hear about other people’s adventures and I instantly want to set out to do it as well. While watching this movie, I was convinced I was going to start listening to bird calls and saving money because I was going to have my own big year. What is a big year? I’m glad you asked! Basically, you travel around the country looking and listening for any and every type of bird. You keep track of how many different bird species you see and hear, and then those with the highest numbers are posted in a birding magazine.

In the movie, Owen Wilson plays Kenny Bostick, the best birder in the world with the record of viewing or hearing 732 different bird species in one year. Jack Black is Brad Harris, a thirty something divorcee who hates his job and his life. The only thing that seems to make him happy is birds, so he decides it’s time to do his own big year. Steve Martin is Stu Preissler, a New York executive who is scared of retiring, but decides it’s time to for his big year as well.

Throughout the year, their paths cross, particularly aboard Annie Aucklet’s (Anjelica Huston) birding boat. Although there are a lot of birds in this movie, it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about friendship, following your dreams, and deciding what sacrifices are worth achieving those dreams. On top of that, it is a pretty funny movie.

As a bonus for TV fans, there are a lot of great cameos, like Community’s Joel McHale, Psych’s Corbin Bernsen, Park and Recreations’ Rashida Jones, and Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons.

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

In addition to liking this movie, I also quite liked the polish that my sister chose to go along with this movie. China Glaze’s Exotic Encounters is a beautiful teal green cream polish. The formula was lovely, and it dried quite nicely. This picture is two coats and I think it looks pretty good on my nails!

I think The Big Year and Exotic Encounters are both keepers! ~E