The Young VictoriaThe Young Victoria may not be the most historically accurate movie ever, but I think it captures the essence of who Queen Victoria was as a young woman, and you can’t ask for more than that from a biographical film. Emily Blunt stars as the titular monarch, playing her as an iron-willed and lonely queen, unsure of the best way to go, but longing to be good. Paul Bettany plays her world-weary prime minister, Lord Melbourne–a man you take turns loving and disliking and back again as he manuevers Victoria through politically fraught waters. I have sort of an inexplicable crush on Paul Bettany. I can’t quite put my finger on why I think he’s sexy, I just do. And while I’m talking about crushes…Rupert Friend!!! I thought he was cute when he played Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, but that character is such a tool that I didn’t really give him a second thought. And then he was Prince Albert…and be still my heart! Forget about the mustache and mutton chops–this boy has soul and he brings such a lovable awkwardness to the part while still retaining the strength and dignity of the real Albert. Emily is effervescent, but Rupert carries this movie. When he’s not onscreen, I positively long for him, much like Victoria does.

If you are at all interested in period drama, or history, or just sweet love stories in general, don’t miss The Young Victoria. It is a simple, lovely little movie with a big heart…and an adorable leading man…which is the important bit, really.

Butter London Victoriana

Without a doubt, this is my favorite nail polish of all time. And that’s saying something, because my nail polish collection has crossed over from ridiculous to ludicrous proportions. Butter London’s Victoriana is a beautiful, dusty teal with thick silver shimmer and a formula like…well, butter. This picture is 2 coats, but I very nearly got away with just 1. The price of these bad boys is hard to justify, but if you ever find a good deal on them, be sure to snap Victoriana up. You won’t regret it! ~K