Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude to a Kiss is one of those random movies that I saw once as a child, thought it was supremely entertaining and have kind of wondered why ever since. It’s sort of a difficult show to watch…awkward and a little too voyeuristic, but I can’t help watching.

Alec Baldwin plays Peter, a man with plenty of emotional baggage who meets Rita (Meg Ryan), an insomniac bartender with a bleak outlook on life. They fall head over heels in love and get married, despite their multitude of neuroses. Just after their wedding, an old man (Sydney Walker) wanders into the reception and asks to kiss the bride. Rita accepts and at the moment their lips touch, they switch bodies. Peter, completely unaware of the change, goes off on his honeymoon with a total stranger and quickly becomes suspicious of this new Rita. When they get home, Peter goes off in search of the real Rita and finds the old wedding crasher. That’s where things get awkward, as you can imagine, because Peter has to prove to Rita that he loves her…no matter what (or who) she looks like.

For such a handsome man, Alec has sure done some weird movies. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and he certainly proves he is up for anything in this one. I just wonder if his film choices reflect a discomfort with the typical leading man status. He’s pretty good here, carrying most of the movie on his shoulders with an hysteric glint in his eye. Meg is beautiful, years before she did whatever awful things she’s done to her face, although I can’t see much of a difference between her character before and after “the change”. Sydney Walker does a great job with a tricky role, and has a lovely speech about the difficulties of life, and its ultimate worthwhileness (yes, I made that word up).

I think Prelude to a Kiss is one you could stand to see at least once. And who knows? You might like it. It has a wonderful message about true love, and that’s a lesson we could all learn more about.

China Glaze Want My Bawdy

For this movie, I picked China Glaze’s Want My Bawdy, a lovely medium blue shimmer from the New Bohemian Collection. The rest of the polishes in this collection were duochromes, so this one was kind of a disappointment in that department, but it still is a nice color. This picture is 3 coats and shows the brushstrokes a little bit. You could probably find a similar color with a better formula. ~K