Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a great movie.  Okay, maybe great isn’t the right word—enjoyable is probably a better description.  Yes, there are cheesy bits and the plot is a little meandering, but regardless of its flaws, I wish Prince of Persia had been more successful; I would have loved to see where they would take the story and characters.

Dastan is the adopted third son of the King of Persia, and he is a bit of a reckless show off.  He and his brothers invade a sacred city under the advice of their uncle.  During the battle, Dastan comes into possession of a remarkable dagger that has the power to turn back time.  He meets Princess Tamina, a guardian of the sands of time, and they form an immediate dislike for each other.  After Dastan is accused of murdering his father the King, he and Tamina set off on an adventure to prove his innocence and end up on a mission to save the world.

This movie is filled with action, and I think Jake is quite good as an action hero.  The best parts of the movie however is the constant bickering and mounting attraction between Tamina and Dastan.  Only after they stop trying to sabotage each other and work together do they ever really start to accomplish either of their goals.  The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Atherton really makes this movie for me.  Well, that and Jake himself.  What I can say?  It’s those eyes—those eyes.  Completely beautiful.

Also along for the ride are Alfred Molina as an ostrich-racing entrepreneur and Steve Toussaint, as his knife-throwing companion.  Ben Kingsley, who seems to love playing the bad guy, is kind of forgettable as the villain.  It’s pretty obvious from the very beginning that (spoilers!) the king’s brother turns out to be after the crown.

Revlon Sandstorm

Revlon’s Sandstorm is an absolutely gorgeous color.  It is one of those shades that I just think looks marvelous on me.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t crazy about the formula.  I have no idea how old this polish is, but it clumped quite a bit.  This led me to believe that it was a quick drying polish, which was not the case.  I ended up with lines all over on my left hand nails.  I do have to say that the coverage was quite good though, since I almost could have gotten away with one coat.  I decided to go for two to try to smooth everything out.

Kind of like Prince of Persia, Sandstorm wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it. ~E