The Family Man

The Family Man is kind of like a reverse It’s a Wonderful Life, only instead of a man with a fulfilled life that he doesn’t fully appreciate, Jack (Nicholas Cage) is a financially successful man lacking in all of the important things. When he has a run-in with a mysterious, possibly angelic person (Don Cheadle) he gets a glimpse of what his life might have been like if he’d stayed with his college girlfriend (tea Leoni)and had a family. Suddenly, Jack is the father of two, works as a tire salesman and lives in suburbia. At first, he is freaked out and searches desperately for a way back into his old life, but eventually…well, you can probably work out what happens.

It’s nice to see Nicholas Cage playing relatively normal (and without a distracting hairdo to boot), but I have to say that Tea Leoni is perfect as his girlfriend/wife Kate. She has sort of an ageless, old Hollywood quality about her. I’m surprised she hasn’t been in more movies.

Danny Elfman’s score is good, but it often reminds me of his far superior work in Edward Scissorhands and I can’t help but think he is better suited to more whimsical films than this.

As I mentioned, this movie had a lot in common with It’s a Wonderful Life, but this isn’t your parents Frank Capra, people. There is swearing, infidelity, nudity and quite a bit of sex (talk, if not the actual deed). And the angel isn’t a lovable Clarence type so much as a terrifying, match to a powder keg type. Despite it’s title, this one isn’t for the whole family. Just keep that in mind when you’re looking for something festive to watch.

Misa Epiphany

This picture is 2 coats of Misa’s Epiphany from their most recent fall collection. This is a really unusual shade because it is banana yellow, but the gold shimmer in it is so thick that it makes it look like a speckly gold. The formula was great (as was the formula of all the colors in this collection) and definitely a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for an unusual twist on a classic. ~K