The Holiday

I know several ladies who have said that the only time they have found Jack Black attractive is in The Holiday.  All I can say is: Amen!  Although I love Jack Black and think he is hilarious, I just never imagined him as the leading man in a romantic comedy.  And when I heard he was going to be, I was hesitant (to say the least) but I gave it a chance, and he was indeed adorable.  The scene where he and Kate Winslet wander around a video store (do those even exist anymore?) and he sings all of the various theme songs from the movies is one of my favorite parts.

The rest of the cast is equally good.  I mean, Jude Law being attractive is kind of a given, but he is also quite funny.  It’s also nice to see Kate Winslet having such a good time.  It seems like she is always so serious.  Plus, I really relate to her story line about unrequited love.  I think the weakest link is Cameron Diaz.  I mean, she’s not really bad, she’s just Cameron Diaz—the same character she is in almost every movie I’ve seen her in.

The story is about Iris, a lovely, but lovelorn journalist in London.  She’s at a work party and finds out that the man she has been in love with for the past three years is engaged to be married.  Yeah, that sounds rough, but not unheard of, right?  Well, he has been stringing her along the entire time.  In Los Angeles, Amanda kicks out her cheating boyfriend, who accuses her of not being able to emotionally connect and cites that she cannot cry as evidence.  With Christmas coming, she decides to get away from her life and agrees to a house-swap with a woman in England.  Yep, it’s Iris and they agree to spend the holiday at each other’s houses.

While in England, Amanda meets Graham, Iris’ brother.  Because he’s Jude Law, she of course falls in love with him, but there are obstacles: Amanda’s issues, and Graham has secrets of his own.  On the other side of the pond, Iris meets Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), who was a screenwriter during the golden age of Hollywood and they become very close.  She also meets Miles, an associate of Amanda’s ex, who has relationship issues of his own, but there is definitely some chemistry there.

Color Club Winter Affair

Color Club’s Winter Affair seemed like a good choice for a movie about falling in love over the Christmas holiday.  This polish was a super sparkly dark red/maroon color.  I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself.  This picture is two coats, but it clumped when applied and the coverage wasn’t terrific.  Overall, I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself, as opposed to The Holiday, which I pretty much love. ~E