Listed alphabetically 🙂

The Best Bounty Hunter

The Best Bounty Hunter is a gray base with a mixture of maroon, green and teal matte glitter (2 coats)

I Have You Now

I Have You Now is a combination of black glitter, red microglitter and blue shimmer flecks (2 coats, ring finger has no topcoat)

Made to Suffer

Made to Suffer is a mixture of different sized gold and silver glitter (some holographic) and gold shimmer flecks (2 coats)

Short for a Stormtrooper

Short for a Stormtrooper is a white base with different sized black glitter and green shimmer flecks ( 2 coats)

This Is Some Rescue

This Is Some Rescue is a shimmery maroon base with red microglitter and gold dots (2 coats)

You're My Only Hope

You’re My Only Hope is a sandy tan base with blue glitter (2 coats)

All of these colors and more are available at my etsy shop.