Babes in Toyland

I always loved Babes in Toyland when I was little.  I thought Annette Funicello was beautiful as Mary and I’m pretty sure Tommy Sands was one of my first crushes as Tom Piper.  Ray Bolger was appropriately menacing as the villain Barnaby (remember I was a kid) and Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon were hilarious as his cronies (again, I plead being a kid).

Now that I am older, I can see the cheesiness of it all, but it is still a fun holiday movie.  Barnaby is now considerably funnier than he is scary.  No matter how old I get however, Ed Wynn as the Toymaker and Tommy Kirk as his assistant are always funny.

Mary Contrary and Tom Piper are about to be married, but because Mary will come into a large inheritance upon her marriage, Barnaby just can’t have that.  He hires Gonzorgo and Roderigo to kidnap Tom and drop him into the sea.  Instead, they decide to sell Tom to a band of gypsies, which of course backfires.  After Barnaby steals Mary’s livelihood, a flock of sheep, he convinces her that she has no choice but to marry him.  To celebrate Mary’s second engagement in as many days, Barnaby hires a band of gypsies as entertainment.  Needless to say, Tom is revealed to be alive, which doesn’t best please Barnaby.

The children in Mary’s care (I’m not sure whose children they are or how they came to be in Mary’s care) decide to find their lost sheep in the Forest of No Return, where they are captured by the trees.  Luckily, Mary and Tom find them just before they are delivered to the custody of the Toymaker of Toyland.  The Toymaker and his apprentice are in a bit of a crunch, as they won’t have enough toys for Christmas.  The children, along with Mary and Tom, agree to help them make the toys.

Meanwhile, Barnaby and his associates are plotting their revenge.  I won’t go into all the details, but I will say that it involves a shrink gun and a battle with toy soldiers.

OPI You're a Doll

In one scene, Mary and Tom sing a song about a doll.  It’s actually one of my least favorite scenes, but it made a nice connection to the chosen polish for this movie.  OPI’s You’re a Doll is quite a lovely polish.  It’s sort of a dusty rose, light lavender shimmery base with micro red glitter.  It is pretty sheer, and this picture is three coats.  Although it took multiple coats to be opaque, I still liked this polish.  Overall, a fun movie and a fun polish! ~E