There is a special shelf in my heart reserved just for Will Ferrell, and nowhere do I love him more than in Elf.  Will plays Buddy, “a human raised by elves” on a mission to find his birth father. In the process he discovers the big world beyond the North Pole, namely Manhattan and all of its dubious wonders. He discovers family and makes new friends, while spreading Christmas cheer to a jaded shopgirl (Zooey Deschanel) and his perpetually-on-the-naughty-list dad (James Caan).

Will perfectly captures that childlike innocence, the unconditional love and unshakeable belief that we should all embrace at Christmas (and all year round, I guess). One of my particular favorite moments (and there are a lot of those in this movie) is when a store employee offers Buddy a whiff of fruit bodyspray and he squirts it into his mouth. His horrified whimpering and hand waving is priceless!

Elf is a wonderful Christmas movie to watch with the whole family, there’s a little something for everyone: plenty to keep the young ones entertained, but enough wit and humor to keep the adults engaged as well.

Orly Naughty Or Nice

Today’s polish is Orly’s Naughty Or Nice, from their ‘Tis the Season Collection. This is a very dark purple, almost black. The above picture is two coats without a topcoat. This applied very well and had excellent coverage. I wish it was just a teensy bit lighter, because, as you can see, the purple is pretty much overwhelmed. Still, a lovely polish. ~K