Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is the story of Santa’s younger son.  Everyone at the North Pole sees Arthur as sort of a “special” guy.  He’s nowhere near as organized as Santa’s older son, Steve, who has streamlined gift delivering with his super, ultra high-tech sleigh.  The gifts are mostly delivered by teams of elves that could give super spies a run for their money.  Santa gets to deliver one ceremonial present, and on the Christmas Eve in question, he almost completely fumbles it.  Steve believes this is finally the year his dad will retire and he will be named Santa, but things don’t really go as planned.  Not only does Santa announce that he will be returning for his 71st Christmas, but Steve’s methods are also called into question when it is discovered that a present wasn’t delivered, so a little girl named Gwen will have no presents to open on Christmas.  Steve explains that even though one child was missed, billions of other presents were delivered.  Santa agrees and heads off to bed.

Arthur, who is in charge of replying to Santa’s letters, is horrified that Gwen, who is one of the children he responded to, will have nothing to open on Christmas morning, sets out on an adventure with Grand-Santa, an ancient reindeer, and an over-zealous wrapping elf to ensure the gift is delivered.  Throughout the night, they have a series of misadventures and plenty of close calls, but of course everything works out in the end.

This is an Aardman production, which means it is by the guys who do the Wallace and Gromit stories, meaning it is very funny.  The actors all do an amazing job, especially James McAvoy as Arthur, Bill Nighy as Grand-Santa, Hugh Laurie as Steve, Jim Broadbent as Santa, and Ashley Jensen as Bryony, the elf.  Honestly, this was a totally enjoyable Christmas romp.

OPI Don't Toy With Me

OPI’s Don’t Toy With Me seemed an appropriate fit for this movie, as it is from a past Christmas collection and because this movie was about one man’s quest to ensure a little girl wasn’t disappointed Christmas morning.

The polish itself is a lovely magenta/wine color with multi-colored shimmer.  This particular bottle of polish was older, so it was kind of thick and a little gloopy, but it still went on pretty well.  This picture is just two coats.  Overall, I think this would be a festive and fun polish for the holiday season, if you can get a bottle that isn’t too old. ~E