Today I have a comparison of OPI’s Danke Shiny Red (index and ring) and Zoya’s Elisa (middle and pinky). I have to apologize for the picture quality, it was stormy all day and I couldn’t find any good light. This is 1 coat of each polish.

Danke Shiny Red Comparison

These two are spot on copycats (one is shinier than the other in this picture because I put topcoat on one color and not the other, just to test). The OPI brush is a bit wider, but that’s the only real difference. Both formulas are amazing (1 coat, people!!!) and I honestly couldn’t recommend one over the other. They’re both great!

Danke Shiny Red is from OPI’s Germany Collection (Fall 2012)

Elisa is from Zoya’s Diva Collection (Fall 2012)