Listed alphabetically 🙂

Among the Clouds

Among the Clouds is a pale periwinkle/gold duochrome with blue flecks (2 coats)

Ever So Stubborn

Ever So Stubborn is a light silver with bright blue shreds (2 coats)

Frozen in Carbonite

Frozen in Carbonite is a charcoal brown with silver shimmer and a smattering of holographic glitter (2 coats)

Judge Me By My Size

Judge Me By My Size? is a mixture of green (some of it holographic) and brown glitter (2 coats, except my ring finger which is one coat over Frozen in Carbonite)

Let the Wookiee Win

Let the Wookiee Win is a brown shimmer with silver, gold and copper glitter (2 coats)

Power of the Dark Side

Power of the Dark Side is an electric blue shimmer with white bar glitter and dark blue flecks (2 coats)

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