People Like Us

There really is no need for me to reiterate how much I love Chris Pine, but I’m going to do it anyway.  I have loved him since I first saw his beautiful blue eyes in The Princess Diaries 2, all the way to his days as James Kirk.  With all that Christ Pine love, you’d think I would have seen more of his movies in theaters.  For all you Star Trek fans out there, don’t worry, I’ll be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, probably opening day.  Partly because of Chris Pine, but also because Benedict Cumberbatch is another of my celebrity crushes (okay, so let’s be honest, I have a bazillion celebrity crushes).

So now that I have gotten way off track, People Like Us.  I liked this movie, but that was kind of unavoidable.  After all, I love Chris Pine, and I quite like Elizabeth Banks, and they are both quite good.  Chris Pine is Sam and he is kind of a screw up that gets by on his charm and good looks.  After he gets himself and his company in big trouble, he finds out his record-producer father has passed away.  Because of his bad relationship with his father, he doesn’t really want to go home for the funeral, but he eventually makes it back to his childhood home.

Sam receives his father’s shaving kit from the family attorney, which is filled with $150,000 and a note asking Sam to give the money to Josh Davis.  Because Sam has no idea who Josh Davis is and because he needs the money to dig himself out of the hole he created, he decides to keep the money.  Curiosity gets the better of him and eventually he finds out that he has a half-sister named Frankie (Elizabeth Banks), who is a recovering alcoholic and a single mother of the aforementioned Josh.  Sam gets all mixed up in their lives but lacks the courage to tell Frankie who he really is.  You probably can guess what happens, but she eventually finds out and things don’t go well.  Of course it all turns out okay, since this is a movie after all.  The ending is actually quite sweet.

China Glaze Cowardly Lyin'

In honor of Sam, today’s polish is China Glaze’s Cowardly Lyin’, since he did a lot of lying and he was kind of a coward.  The polish is a gold base with gold glitter.  This picture is three coats, and it’s still not quite opaque.   I’ve never been a huge fan of gold, and this polish is really no exception.  I personally would pick silver any day of the week over gold. ~E