Eagle Eye

I didn’t like Eagle Eye, which made me sad because I like Michelle Monaghan and Shia LaBeouf (even if he is an odd human being in real life).  I think my biggest problem with Eagle Eye was that there was a lot of far-fetched plot thrown together and not enough character development.  All the characters were very one-dimensional in my mind.

Shia is Jerry Shaw, a college drop-out who will never live up to his twin brother, especially after his brother is killed in a car accident.  One day at the ATM, Jerry sees that his account balance has increased by $750,000 and the ATM starts spewing money at him.  When he gets back to his apartment, he finds it full of weapons, classified documents, and all sorts of stuff that make him look like a terrorist.  He receives a call on his cell phone telling him the FBI is coming and he needs to get out of his apartment.  As would probably be the case with anyone, he is too confused to do much of anything and is arrested.

He is interrogated by Billy Bob Thornton, who seems like the most competent character in the entire thing, although he does let Jerry escape on his watch.  Michelle, meanwhile, receives a similar call that gives her directions to meet up with Jerry or her son will be killed.  Together, they are forced to do all sorts of crazy things and are totally at the mercy of the voice on the other end of the phone.

Sounds interesting, right?  Well, it is overly long and takes quite a while to get to a point where you really have a good grasp of what is going on.  Overall, it was probably worth seeing once, but I’m not planning on seeing it again.

LA Girl Urge

LA Girl Color Addict’s Urge is a shiny green polish with gold shimmer.  It’s actually a bright, lively color, but I just didn’t love it on me.  I thought the green brought out the redness in my skin.  If you have the right skin tone, I think this would be an awesome and fun polish.

This picture is three coats, and it definitely needed it to be opaque.  Even with the shimmer, it still didn’t dry as quickly as I would have liked.

Even though I didn’t love this polish, I did like it better than Eagle Eye. ~E