Toy Story 3

I was pretty nervous when I heard about Toy Story 3. I couldn’t imagine another story Pixar could tell about these characters, and the trailers did very little to assuage my concerns. Andy going to college? Where was this headed? But I needn’t have worried. Toy Story 3 is the perfect conclusion (while still leaving the door open for all of those delightful shorts…and dare I say Toy Story 4???).

Through a misunderstanding, all of our favorite toys (minus Bo Peep…so sad) end up at a day care center. Woody is determined that they return to Andy, who is their kid…even if he’s going to college in a few days. (And as a side note, can I just say how ridiculed Andy would be if he showed up at a dorm with a cowboy doll?) Unfortunately, a gang of nasty toys don’t want them to leave day care…ever, and are prepared to stop them at any cost.

There are a lot of new characters here, but somehow things never seem crowded. A few real standouts are Ken (Michael Keaton), a clothes hoarding love interest for Barbie (Jodi Benson) and plush hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton). The original cast is just as great as ever and Ned Beatty is a perfect balance of homey and threatening as villain Lotso (only Pixar could make a pink, strawberry scented teddybear a villain and get away with it). But my very favorite thing about this movie is Buzz’s Spanish mode…his dance of love as he woos Jessie makes me laugh every time. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

LA Girl Nostalgic

I chose LA Girl’s Nostalgic for this movie, because watching it makes me feel very nostalgic. I think about all of my old toys and wonder what happened to them. Nostalgic is a clear base with big and small aqua glitter. This picture is two coats, and as you can see, it was meant to be a layering polish. Application was great and the glitter particles went on without any problems. Plus, it’s a beautiful color! ~K