Toy Story

I’m surprised at how well Toy Story has aged. I don’t mean the story, which is timeless, but the animation. Yeah, it’s a little bit rough, especially compared to the cutting edge 3D films that are pumped out almost weekly nowadays. But all things considered, the first full-length computer animated movie is still as awesome as it was in 1995. Especially awesome is the voice cast: I don’t think Tim Allen has ever been better than as Buzz Lightyear and Tom Hanks is just as good as Woody. The supporting cast is delightful and I’m glad that they had more to do in the sequels.

Woody is the top toy in Andy’s room until newfangled space toy, Buzz, shows up. In his attempt to take Buzz down, Woody unwittingly sends them both on an adventure full of danger and manly bonding (yes, I just used that expression). Some highlights are the claw game at Pizza Planet and Buzz’s freak out at Sid’s house (drunk on fake tea? hilarious!).

Normally, Randy Newman makes my eyes twitch, but he does a good job with the score and I even enjoy a few of his songs (although I would prefer someone else singing them).

Misa Beyond Infinity

My polish for today is Misa’s Beyond Infinity from the Surreal Escape Collection (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this collection). Beyond Infinity (doesn’t that name make you want to say Buzz’s famous line, “To infinity…and beyond!”) is a beautiful blue-gray (and anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite color) shimmer. The formula was great; opaque in two coats and applied like a dream. Definitely a winner. ~K