Peter Pan

I always liked the story of Peter Pan.  Forget Dumbo and the teacups, I always liked flying over London in the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland when I was a kid.  I remember watching Mary Martin as the boy who wouldn’t grow up (yeah, I thought it was weird that Peter Pan was a girl too).

When I heard they were making a new movie of Peter Pan, I was excited and a little hesitant.  I did enjoy the trailer, even though it took me and K forever to figure out the song in it was “Clocks” by Coldplay.

Despite my hesitations, I saw Peter Pan and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were some weird bits, like Wendy and Captain Hook’s relationship.  Although I liked the whole hidden kiss thing, it was a little out there as well.

The best thing about this movie, okay the second best, is the cast.  Jeremy Sumpter is Peter Pan.  You can tell that he relished playing the part.  Jason Isaacs was appropriately sinister and crazy as Captain Hook.  He was also adorably bumbling as Mr. Darling.  Rachel Hurd-Wood lended the character of Wendy some humor and vitality, and Olivia Williams was stunning as Mrs. Darling.

The best thing about this movie, for real this time, is the music.  “The Fairy Dance” is some of the most beautiful movie music ever in my opinion and James Newton-Howard knocked this one out of the park.

The story is pretty much true to the play.  It is decided that Wendy should be separated from her brothers and forced to grow up.  Before that happens, she runs away with Peter Pan to Neverland so she can have one last adventure.  There are pirates, Indians, mermaids, fairies, and of course a giant crocodile.  If you have any love for the story of Peter Pan, this version is well worth your time.

OPI Skull and Glossbones

When K handed me OPI’s Skull and Glossbones, I thought, “Oh goody.  I get to put that hideous polish on my nails.  It doesn’t even have the slightest shimmer.”  Then I put on the first coat and thought, “Wow, this polish’s coverage is really crummy,” and I continued to think this after the second coat.  Then I put on the third coat and thought, “Hmm, I kind of like this polish.”

After the three coats and a top coat, I did indeed decide this was actually quite a nice polish.  The third coat really filled in all the bare patches and the gray color is actually very nice with my skin tone.

Although this polish might not be as shiny as pixie dust, which might turn some people off, try not to turn your nose up at it.  It’s really worth a try. ~E