All right, people. The moment has come. Here is the complete collection, listed in alphabetical order:

I Know You Know 2

I Know You Know is a mix of matte green glitters and white shreds in a shimmery base (2 coats)



Natural Light

Natural Light

I’ve Heard It Both Ways is an orange-pink to gold-green duochrome with flakes of pink-blue shimmer (2 coats)

To the Blueberry! 2

To the Blueberry! is a medium blue shimmer with silver and black glitter (3 coats)

Where's the Pineapple 2

Where’s the Pineapple? is a shimmery yellow with matte green glitter and shreds (2 coats)

You Heard About Pluto 2

You Heard About Pluto? is a black jelly with holographic glitter and silver shreds (2 coats)

You Know That's Right 2

You Know That’s Right is a shimmery violet with purple, silver and green glitter (3 coats)

All of these polishes are now available at my etsy shop while supplies last!