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The Young VictoriaThe Young Victoria may not be the most historically accurate movie ever, but I think it captures the essence of who Queen Victoria was as a young woman, and you can’t ask for more than that from a biographical film. Emily Blunt stars as the titular monarch, playing her as an iron-willed and lonely queen, unsure of the best way to go, but longing to be good. Paul Bettany plays her world-weary prime minister, Lord Melbourne–a man you take turns loving and disliking and back again as he manuevers Victoria through politically fraught waters. I have sort of an inexplicable crush on Paul Bettany. I can’t quite put my finger on why I think he’s sexy, I just do. And while I’m talking about crushes…Rupert Friend!!! I thought he was cute when he played Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, but that character is such a tool that I didn’t really give him a second thought. And then he was Prince Albert…and be still my heart! Forget about the mustache and mutton chops–this boy has soul and he brings such a lovable awkwardness to the part while still retaining the strength and dignity of the real Albert. Emily is effervescent, but Rupert carries this movie. When he’s not onscreen, I positively long for him, much like Victoria does.

If you are at all interested in period drama, or history, or just sweet love stories in general, don’t miss The Young Victoria. It is a simple, lovely little movie with a big heart…and an adorable leading man…which is the important bit, really.

Butter London Victoriana

Without a doubt, this is my favorite nail polish of all time. And that’s saying something, because my nail polish collection has crossed over from ridiculous to ludicrous proportions. Butter London’s Victoriana is a beautiful, dusty teal with thick silver shimmer and a formula like…well, butter. This picture is 2 coats, but I very nearly got away with just 1. The price of these bad boys is hard to justify, but if you ever find a good deal on them, be sure to snap Victoriana up. You won’t regret it! ~K

Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

China Glaze Yee-Haw!

(3) China Glaze Yee-Haw! is a peachy shimmer (3 coats)

China Glaze Red Stallion

(2) China Glaze Red Stallion is a shimmery red with a slightly orange tint (2 coats)

China Glaze Lasso My Heart

(1) China Glaze Lasso My Heart is a plummy mauve shimmer (2 coats)

Coming Soon: Branding Iron, Cowgirl Up, Golden Spurs, Gussied Up Green, Midnight Ride, Prize-Winning Mare, Rodeo Fanatic, Side Saddle and Wagon Trail

Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude to a Kiss is one of those random movies that I saw once as a child, thought it was supremely entertaining and have kind of wondered why ever since. It’s sort of a difficult show to watch…awkward and a little too voyeuristic, but I can’t help watching.

Alec Baldwin plays Peter, a man with plenty of emotional baggage who meets Rita (Meg Ryan), an insomniac bartender with a bleak outlook on life. They fall head over heels in love and get married, despite their multitude of neuroses. Just after their wedding, an old man (Sydney Walker) wanders into the reception and asks to kiss the bride. Rita accepts and at the moment their lips touch, they switch bodies. Peter, completely unaware of the change, goes off on his honeymoon with a total stranger and quickly becomes suspicious of this new Rita. When they get home, Peter goes off in search of the real Rita and finds the old wedding crasher. That’s where things get awkward, as you can imagine, because Peter has to prove to Rita that he loves her…no matter what (or who) she looks like.

For such a handsome man, Alec has sure done some weird movies. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and he certainly proves he is up for anything in this one. I just wonder if his film choices reflect a discomfort with the typical leading man status. He’s pretty good here, carrying most of the movie on his shoulders with an hysteric glint in his eye. Meg is beautiful, years before she did whatever awful things she’s done to her face, although I can’t see much of a difference between her character before and after “the change”. Sydney Walker does a great job with a tricky role, and has a lovely speech about the difficulties of life, and its ultimate worthwhileness (yes, I made that word up).

I think Prelude to a Kiss is one you could stand to see at least once. And who knows? You might like it. It has a wonderful message about true love, and that’s a lesson we could all learn more about.

China Glaze Want My Bawdy

For this movie, I picked China Glaze’s Want My Bawdy, a lovely medium blue shimmer from the New Bohemian Collection. The rest of the polishes in this collection were duochromes, so this one was kind of a disappointment in that department, but it still is a nice color. This picture is 3 coats and shows the brushstrokes a little bit. You could probably find a similar color with a better formula. ~K

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a great movie.  Okay, maybe great isn’t the right word—enjoyable is probably a better description.  Yes, there are cheesy bits and the plot is a little meandering, but regardless of its flaws, I wish Prince of Persia had been more successful; I would have loved to see where they would take the story and characters.

Dastan is the adopted third son of the King of Persia, and he is a bit of a reckless show off.  He and his brothers invade a sacred city under the advice of their uncle.  During the battle, Dastan comes into possession of a remarkable dagger that has the power to turn back time.  He meets Princess Tamina, a guardian of the sands of time, and they form an immediate dislike for each other.  After Dastan is accused of murdering his father the King, he and Tamina set off on an adventure to prove his innocence and end up on a mission to save the world.

This movie is filled with action, and I think Jake is quite good as an action hero.  The best parts of the movie however is the constant bickering and mounting attraction between Tamina and Dastan.  Only after they stop trying to sabotage each other and work together do they ever really start to accomplish either of their goals.  The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Atherton really makes this movie for me.  Well, that and Jake himself.  What I can say?  It’s those eyes—those eyes.  Completely beautiful.

Also along for the ride are Alfred Molina as an ostrich-racing entrepreneur and Steve Toussaint, as his knife-throwing companion.  Ben Kingsley, who seems to love playing the bad guy, is kind of forgettable as the villain.  It’s pretty obvious from the very beginning that (spoilers!) the king’s brother turns out to be after the crown.

Revlon Sandstorm

Revlon’s Sandstorm is an absolutely gorgeous color.  It is one of those shades that I just think looks marvelous on me.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t crazy about the formula.  I have no idea how old this polish is, but it clumped quite a bit.  This led me to believe that it was a quick drying polish, which was not the case.  I ended up with lines all over on my left hand nails.  I do have to say that the coverage was quite good though, since I almost could have gotten away with one coat.  I decided to go for two to try to smooth everything out.

Kind of like Prince of Persia, Sandstorm wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it. ~E

The Fall

You probably haven’t seen The Fall. If you have, congratulations. You’re awesome. If you haven’t…well, you know what you have to do. This is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of slow-moving, so if you don’t have the patience, this one isn’t for you, but if you do make it through, you’ll know what I mean. This is the story of Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a little girl who breaks her arm in a fall. While she’s in the hospital, she meets Roy (Lee Pace…I love him…a lot), a heartbroken stuntman who also injured himself in a fall. Using an epic story of revenge and romance, Roy tricks Alexandria into stealing morphine for him so that he can kill himself. The story switches back and forth between the hospital and the story, sometimes blurring the two together, using the same actors. A true friendship develops between this unlikely pair and they end up changing each other’s lives in profound ways.

The production design and locations are amazing in this. Truly mindblowing. They travel all over the globe, capturing some of the most beautiful natural and manmade wonders. The acting is equally impressive, especially between the two leads. Their chemistry is perfect and I sometimes forget that I’m watching a movie while they’re talking. I haven’t seen a movie this beautiful that wasn’t directed by Yimou Zhang (check his movies out too). Tarsem Singh is an impressive director with a really gorgeous vision (Mirror Mirror is probably his most accessible work, if you want to start with an easier one). I would have to place The Fall in my top 20 favorite films of all time…and that’s saying something, because I am a movie-watching fiend (like you didn’t know).

L'Oreal The Mystic's Future

One of the character’s in Roy’s story is known as The Mystic, hence this polish from L’Oreal’s Fall Collection, The Mystic’s Future. This is a pretty shimmery fuchsia color, not the most original shade in the world, but still nice. This picture is two coats and the polish had a lovely formula, slightly brush stroke-y, but not too bad. ~K

The Family Man & Misa Epiphany

The Family Man

The Family Man is kind of like a reverse It’s a Wonderful Life, only instead of a man with a fulfilled life that he doesn’t fully appreciate, Jack (Nicholas Cage) is a financially successful man lacking in all of the important things. When he has a run-in with a mysterious, possibly angelic person (Don Cheadle) he gets a glimpse of what his life might have been like if he’d stayed with his college girlfriend (tea Leoni)and had a family. Suddenly, Jack is the father of two, works as a tire salesman and lives in suburbia. At first, he is freaked out and searches desperately for a way back into his old life, but eventually…well, you can probably work out what happens.

It’s nice to see Nicholas Cage playing relatively normal (and without a distracting hairdo to boot), but I have to say that Tea Leoni is perfect as his girlfriend/wife Kate. She has sort of an ageless, old Hollywood quality about her. I’m surprised she hasn’t been in more movies.

Danny Elfman’s score is good, but it often reminds me of his far superior work in Edward Scissorhands and I can’t help but think he is better suited to more whimsical films than this.

As I mentioned, this movie had a lot in common with It’s a Wonderful Life, but this isn’t your parents Frank Capra, people. There is swearing, infidelity, nudity and quite a bit of sex (talk, if not the actual deed). And the angel isn’t a lovable Clarence type so much as a terrifying, match to a powder keg type. Despite it’s title, this one isn’t for the whole family. Just keep that in mind when you’re looking for something festive to watch.

Misa Epiphany

This picture is 2 coats of Misa’s Epiphany from their most recent fall collection. This is a really unusual shade because it is banana yellow, but the gold shimmer in it is so thick that it makes it look like a speckly gold. The formula was great (as was the formula of all the colors in this collection) and definitely a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for an unusual twist on a classic. ~K

The Holiday

I know several ladies who have said that the only time they have found Jack Black attractive is in The Holiday.  All I can say is: Amen!  Although I love Jack Black and think he is hilarious, I just never imagined him as the leading man in a romantic comedy.  And when I heard he was going to be, I was hesitant (to say the least) but I gave it a chance, and he was indeed adorable.  The scene where he and Kate Winslet wander around a video store (do those even exist anymore?) and he sings all of the various theme songs from the movies is one of my favorite parts.

The rest of the cast is equally good.  I mean, Jude Law being attractive is kind of a given, but he is also quite funny.  It’s also nice to see Kate Winslet having such a good time.  It seems like she is always so serious.  Plus, I really relate to her story line about unrequited love.  I think the weakest link is Cameron Diaz.  I mean, she’s not really bad, she’s just Cameron Diaz—the same character she is in almost every movie I’ve seen her in.

The story is about Iris, a lovely, but lovelorn journalist in London.  She’s at a work party and finds out that the man she has been in love with for the past three years is engaged to be married.  Yeah, that sounds rough, but not unheard of, right?  Well, he has been stringing her along the entire time.  In Los Angeles, Amanda kicks out her cheating boyfriend, who accuses her of not being able to emotionally connect and cites that she cannot cry as evidence.  With Christmas coming, she decides to get away from her life and agrees to a house-swap with a woman in England.  Yep, it’s Iris and they agree to spend the holiday at each other’s houses.

While in England, Amanda meets Graham, Iris’ brother.  Because he’s Jude Law, she of course falls in love with him, but there are obstacles: Amanda’s issues, and Graham has secrets of his own.  On the other side of the pond, Iris meets Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), who was a screenwriter during the golden age of Hollywood and they become very close.  She also meets Miles, an associate of Amanda’s ex, who has relationship issues of his own, but there is definitely some chemistry there.

Color Club Winter Affair

Color Club’s Winter Affair seemed like a good choice for a movie about falling in love over the Christmas holiday.  This polish was a super sparkly dark red/maroon color.  I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself.  This picture is two coats, but it clumped when applied and the coverage wasn’t terrific.  Overall, I liked the color, but I wasn’t crazy about the polish itself, as opposed to The Holiday, which I pretty much love. ~E

Comparison Day! (golds)

Today I have a comparison of two golds from this season, OPI’s GoldenEye (index and ring) and Zoya’s Ziv (middle and pinky). This picture is 2 coats of each with a topcoat.

GoldenEye Comparison

As you can see, these two are not alike at all…my bad. Next to Ziv, GoldenEye looks positively copper. They are both beautiful (for golds…I’m more of a silver gal) and apply very well. GoldenEye is a bit sheer and needs 3 coats for full opacity. If you love gold, you’ll probably need both of these. If not, I would probably go with GoldenEye. It’s different than most golds and is very very sparkly.

GoldenEye is from OPI’s Skyfall Collection (Winter 2012)

Ziv is from Zoya’s Ornate Collection (Winter 2012)

 Listed alphabetically 🙂

The Best Bounty Hunter

The Best Bounty Hunter is a gray base with a mixture of maroon, green and teal matte glitter (2 coats)

I Have You Now

I Have You Now is a combination of black glitter, red microglitter and blue shimmer flecks (2 coats, ring finger has no topcoat)

Made to Suffer

Made to Suffer is a mixture of different sized gold and silver glitter (some holographic) and gold shimmer flecks (2 coats)

Short for a Stormtrooper

Short for a Stormtrooper is a white base with different sized black glitter and green shimmer flecks ( 2 coats)

This Is Some Rescue

This Is Some Rescue is a shimmery maroon base with red microglitter and gold dots (2 coats)

You're My Only Hope

You’re My Only Hope is a sandy tan base with blue glitter (2 coats)

All of these colors and more are available at my etsy shop.

The Grinch

This is another one of those movies that everyone hates and I love. My brother and I can pretty much quote all of The Grinch between the two of us. If you watched the cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic when you were a kid, you already know the plot, but in this Ron Howard directed version, the backstory of that grumpy Grinch is explored while Cindy Lou searches for her own Christmas spirit.

Jim Carrey is perfect as the Grinch. He’s virtually unrecognizable under all of that green makeup and fur, but that manic energy he brings to all of his roles is instantly familiar. I think Ron Howard pretty much gave him free rein while the cameras rolled. There’s a lot of randomness, and if you know me, you know I love randomness. The rest of the cast is pretty much playing straight man to Mr. Carrey.

Taylor Momsen is adorable as little Cindy Lou (too bad she’s grown up to be so scary) and Bill Irwin and Molly Shannon are both excellent as Cindy Lou’s sorta oblivious parents.

The truly neat thing about this film is the production design. There are tons of things to look at in every shot, and after hundreds of views, I’m still not sure I’ve seen all of the neat little touches. And James Horner’s score switches between majestic and silly with complete ease. There’s a reason he’s one of the greatest film score composers out there.

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

I had to do a green polish for this one, obviously. This is Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly from this year’s winter collection. It’s a lovely deep green and gold foil. This picture is 2 coats and a topcoat. This was a pretty great collection, although I’ve seen several pretty close copycats to this very shade from other cosmetic companies. ~K

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