Back before Gerard Butler was a super ripped Spartan king, or a totally attractive phantom (even with a disfigured face), he was in a little movie called Dear Frankie.  In my humble opinion, it’s his best role to date.  There is a scene towards the end where his acting is so subtle, but so spot on that it’s kind of mind-blowing.  My recommendation:  watch it and be impressed.

This movie is really about broken people who have been broken for so long that they have just accepted that it is the way life is supposed to be.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I relate to it so much.  The beautiful thing is that it’s also about healing and learning that you can let other people in; no one has to be alone if he or she doesn’t want to be.

Emily Mortimer is Lizzie Morrison, a single mother who has suffered a lot in her young life.  Possibly the only joy in her life comes from her son, Frankie, who she would do anything to protect.  Since his father is a sailor, Frankie’s only relationship with him is through letters they write to each other.   One day, Frankie finds out that his father’s ship is coming to port in their town and he makes a bet with a schoolmate that his father will come to his soccer tryouts.

What Frankie doesn’t know is that he’s really writing letters to his mom.  Because Frankie is deaf, reading those letters to his dad is the only way his mother can hear his voice.  To help him win the bet, Lizzie tries to find a man she can pay to be Frankie’s dad.  Enter Gerard Butler—the stranger.  I won’t go into too much, but he is absolutely the best faux-father a kid could want.

The amazing thing about this movie is how it capitalizes on quiet.  There is so much said, and yet so few words are spoken.  Sometimes it feels like movies are just so filled with talking that it isn’t realistic.  This movie isn’t afraid to let the actors act without words.  Not to mention, those quiet parts are filled with an absolutely beautiful score.

Because deep down, I know that Lizzie and Frankie are going to see their stranger again, I thought OPI’s Sea Ya Later, Sailor! was a lovely fit.  I wanted a polish that was ocean themed, but that was more on the subtle side.  This polish fit the bill.  It wasn’t a totally bold color, and it had a nice shimmer.  On the down side, I did have to apply four coats so that it wasn’t totally sheer.

Overall, I liked this polish, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dear Frankie. ~E