Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

OPI Moonraker

(6) OPI Moonraker is a frosty, bluish dark silver (2 coats)

(5) OPI The Living Daylights is a clear base with large hexagon glitter in silver, turquoise and copper (3 coats)

OPI Skyfall

(4) OPI Skyfall is a dark, brick red creme (2 coats)

(3) OPI Die Another Day is a deep orange-red shimmer (2 coats)

(2) OPI GoldenEye is a fine gold glitter (3 coats)

(1) OPI Live and Let Die is a deep green (almost dark gray) with gold/green flecks (2 coats)

Coming Soon: The World Is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, Casino Royale, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service