John Tucker Must Die.  Isn’t that a great title?  It immediately pulls you in because it begs so many questions.  Like, who is John Tucker?  Why must he die?  Who is it that is out to get him?  And how are they going to do it?  Luckily, the movie answers all of these questions, and offers plenty of guilty fun along the way.

This is the story of a charming, charismatic, tool of a high school stud, John Tucker.  His reign as king of the school is threatened when he falls hard for Kate, the new girl in school.  What he doesn’t know is that Kate has teamed up with his three ex-girlfriends (yeah, he was dating all of them at the same time) to destroy him.  These ex-girlfriends have molded Kate into John’s dream girl with the sole purpose of bringing him down.  Kate’s problem is that she has actually fallen for John’s younger brother, “the other Tucker”.

Although this seems like a movie all about revenge, it is more a movie about finding yourself and accepting who you are.  Kate has always been invisible, until after she allows those girls to make her into something she isn’t.  Eventually, she realizes that isn’t who she really is and she allows everyone to see the real Kate.  John also realizes there are a few changes he needs to make in his life, particularly that he needs to be more honest.

Since Kate’s star quickly rises, with a little help, she makes it to the A-list practically overnight.  I mean, dating John Tucker will do that for a girl.  Pure Ice has an icy polish, kind of like the way the ex-girlfriends want Kate to be towards John, called A-List.  Pure Ice is obviously not the highest quality brand of polish, but it is inexpensive and it is still a good brand.

This polish specifically is a lovely silvery, blue color.  It did require three coats, and there was a bit of bubbling, but part of me thinks that’s because it’s getting to be a little old.  I remember that when I used it in the past, I liked it.

John Tucker Must Die is a fun little movie, and Pure Ice’s A-List is a nice compliment. ~E