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Polish #6: Where’s the Pineapple? is a yellow shimmer with green glitter and shreds.

The boy and his pet story is probably almost as old as the boy meets girl story.  Old Yeller, Flipper, you know the type.  At its heart, How to Train Your Dragon is one of those stories, only it’s totally awesome.  Not that those others aren’t awesome, but they lack dragons, and the humor of this movie. Maybe that’s just my prejudiced opinion.

Hiccup is just a twig of a boy, which makes life hard for him, since he’s a Viking and in his own words, “I see a dragon and I have to just… kill it.”  Plus, his dad is the dragon-slaying chieftain—that’s got to be rough for a guy who could get blown over by a strong gust of wind.  What he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in brains.  He invents a device, and takes out an elusive Nightfury dragon.  Since no one believes him, he heads out to the woods and finds the dragon.  He goes to kill the it, but finds he can’t do it.  Instead, he cuts the dragon free of the ropes and, after a few meetings, a friendship develops.  Together, they save the village from both the dragons and the Vikings, changing both their worlds.

As in most cases, the voice cast is fantastic.  Jay Baruchel is adorable as Hiccup, and Gerard Butler (yep, that’s right, two Gerard movies in a row for me) is gruff and aloof, but still loveable as his dad.  All of the adults portraying teenagers are pretty funny, as is Craig Ferguson, who plays Gobber the blacksmith and the dragon trainer.

The animation is amazing in this movie, particularly the flying scenes.  Add in the triumphant, soaring score and it’s just magical.

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon is a purple matte polish, with some bright pink and blue glitter.  I’m not crazy about matte polishes, but they do dry quickly, which I like.  This polish wasn’t too bad.  I thought it would be crazy bright, but it really wasn’t.  I think that I would have liked it better if it was shiny.

This picture is three coats, and it needed it.  There were definitely bald patches after just two.  To make it shinier, I recommend a top coat.

How to Train Your Dragon is one of my favorite animated movies; it is definitely my favorite from Dreamworks.  Flying Dragon, however, is not my favorite China Glaze polish. ~E

Noises Off & Orly Take the Plunge

When I was younger, we rented Noises Off all the time. We thought it was the funniest thing ever. And it pretty much is. I guess we just didn’t notice the two F-words. Anyway, this is the story of a group of crazy people putting on a play (and by crazy people I mean theater people…don’t worry, I come from a theatrical family, so I say that with love). And I don’t know if I can give you more of a synopsis than that. Utter chaos ensues, but utter hilarity ensues as well. In each successive performance of the play (which is pretty darn funny on its own), the actors start losing control and backstage drama takes center stage.

The entire cast is great and each has their moment to shine. A particular favorite is Denholm Elliott as Selsdon. He practically steals the movie, and with a cast this talented, that’s saying something. Also great are John Ritter, Mark Linn-Baker and Carol Burnett.

Something a little less funny…as I was watching, I realized that half of the men in the cast are dead, most of them way too soon. Although that makes me sad, I am glad that they were able to make such an entertaining movie (and so many more) before they went. And the following is a personal message going out to Michael Caine:  Dear Michael, Don’t. Ever. Die. Please?

Unless you’ve seen Noises Off as many times as I have, you might not understand the connection between the movie and the name of this nail polish. (It’s one of Carol Burnett’s lines.) Take the Plunge is an extremely sheer purple-gray shimmer. The above picture is three coats, and you can hardly see it. Definitely needs a petticoat, unless you’re looking for something reeeaaalllly subtle. ~K

Here is polish #5 (almost done!): To the Blueberry! is a medium blue shimmer with a smattering of silver and black glitter.

Here is polish #4: You Heard About Pluto? has a black base with tons of holographic glitter and silver shreds.

Back before Gerard Butler was a super ripped Spartan king, or a totally attractive phantom (even with a disfigured face), he was in a little movie called Dear Frankie.  In my humble opinion, it’s his best role to date.  There is a scene towards the end where his acting is so subtle, but so spot on that it’s kind of mind-blowing.  My recommendation:  watch it and be impressed.

This movie is really about broken people who have been broken for so long that they have just accepted that it is the way life is supposed to be.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I relate to it so much.  The beautiful thing is that it’s also about healing and learning that you can let other people in; no one has to be alone if he or she doesn’t want to be.

Emily Mortimer is Lizzie Morrison, a single mother who has suffered a lot in her young life.  Possibly the only joy in her life comes from her son, Frankie, who she would do anything to protect.  Since his father is a sailor, Frankie’s only relationship with him is through letters they write to each other.   One day, Frankie finds out that his father’s ship is coming to port in their town and he makes a bet with a schoolmate that his father will come to his soccer tryouts.

What Frankie doesn’t know is that he’s really writing letters to his mom.  Because Frankie is deaf, reading those letters to his dad is the only way his mother can hear his voice.  To help him win the bet, Lizzie tries to find a man she can pay to be Frankie’s dad.  Enter Gerard Butler—the stranger.  I won’t go into too much, but he is absolutely the best faux-father a kid could want.

The amazing thing about this movie is how it capitalizes on quiet.  There is so much said, and yet so few words are spoken.  Sometimes it feels like movies are just so filled with talking that it isn’t realistic.  This movie isn’t afraid to let the actors act without words.  Not to mention, those quiet parts are filled with an absolutely beautiful score.

Because deep down, I know that Lizzie and Frankie are going to see their stranger again, I thought OPI’s Sea Ya Later, Sailor! was a lovely fit.  I wanted a polish that was ocean themed, but that was more on the subtle side.  This polish fit the bill.  It wasn’t a totally bold color, and it had a nice shimmer.  On the down side, I did have to apply four coats so that it wasn’t totally sheer.

Overall, I liked this polish, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Dear Frankie. ~E

Here is polish #2: You Know That’s Right is a violet shimmer with tons of glitter (purple, silver and green).

And here is polish # 3: I Know You Know is a mixture of green glitters and white shreds.

Confession: I have had a massive crush on Andrew Garfield since I first saw him in an episode of Doctor Who (yes, I’m a Whovian, but that’s a whole other confession). So when I heard that he was playing Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie, it vastly lessened my disappointment that they are already rebooting a franchise that ended (admittedly lacklusterly) only 5 years ago. Film industry, are you freaking kidding me? I thought. Then I imagined kissing Andrew Garfield upside down and things got a little fuzzy after that…

Anyway, The Amazing Spider-Man starts from the very beginning, with Peter Parker as a little boy who gets left at his Aunt and Uncle’s house while his parents run off all mysteriously. Fast forward 10 years and now he is an awkward, sorta emo (but not as emo as Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3) teenager with a crush on adorable Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone, whom I like enough that I can’t begrudge her real life romance with Andrew Garfield) and a lot of questions about his parents. He sneaks into Oscorp to meet Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans…is it just me, or has he been in a lot of movies lately?), an old friend of his father’s, and accidentally gets bitten by a genetically mutated spider. You all know what happens after that, right?

This movie was a lot funnier than I expected, but it also had a lot of heart. I credit Sally Field and Martin Sheen with a lot of that heart, as both are excellent as Aunt May and Uncle Ben, respectively. In fact, the whole cast is quite good (although it was hard for me to adjust to Emma as a blonde…even if it is her natural hair color), although I still think they haven’t quite managed to capture the complete snarkiness of Spider-Man in any of his movies. Another thing that I liked was the return of the web shooters and the scene where Peter first gets his powers and beats up a train-load of people on accident. Like I said, funny.

I was worrying about what polish I would do for this movie and E was like, “Don’t you have an entire Spider-Man Collection?” Da-doy! I totally forgot about OPI’s The Amazing Spider-Man Collection sitting up in my nail polish drawers. Here is two coats of Just Spotted the Lizard, a metallic gold-green duochrome that is a little bit brush stroke-y, but not bad formula-wise. It’s no wonder that there are so many copycats of this color. It’s pretty awesome. Not the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…but still neat. ~K

At the beginning of December, I’m releasing my first collection of nail polishes on etsy. Until then, I’m going to post bottle pictures leading up to the full unveiling of the collection when they go on sale. To start off, let me present I’ve Heard It Both Ways, a shimmery duochrome that shifts from pink-orange to gold-green.

If Hercules is my favorite animated Disney movie, than Beauty and the Beast would probably have to be my second favorite.   There have been some really terrific Disney movies released in recent years, including The Princess and the Frog and Tangled, but I still just love Belle, the Beast, and all of their crazy, should be inanimate but are not, friends.

There’s a reason this was the first animated movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award (and the only one when the category was limited to five films).  It’s a timeless tale with unforgettable characters and the animation is just beautiful.  I am still in awe of the ballroom scene, with Belle and the Beast whirling and twirling around the room.

Belle is a bookish beauty, who has gained the attention of the town superstar, Gaston.  Too bad for him that she is interested in more than just a handsome husband.  When her father gets lost in the woods, she goes out to find him and gets entangled in a magical world where the head of the household is a clock, the housekeeper is a teapot, and the valet is a candelabra.  The master of the house is a bitter beast, transformed as a young man because of his selfishness.  Over the years, he became even more selfish and unpleasant.

In exchange for her father’s freedom, Belle agrees to stay at the castle.  Everyone hopes she and the Beast will fall in love, which will break the spell.  Unfortunately, Belle can be just as stubborn as the Beast.  Eventually, they come to friendly terms, but can Belle really fall in love with a Beast?  And what will Gaston have to say about it?  I’m thinking you can all guess the answers, but the ride is pretty fun, even if it is totally predictable.

Like I said, Belle’s true passion is books, so All That Glitters’ Book Smart Beauty is a lovely fit.  In addition, it is a lovely polish.  It is a shimmery, pinkish-orange polish with pink and shiny gold glitter.  This picture is three coats, with two layers of top coat, just to even everything out.  Although this polish is very shiny, it was surprisingly subtle.

If you think Belle is a beauty, you should give Book Smart Beauty a try! ~E

All That Glitters nail polishes are available here.

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