Of all the Pixar movies, Monsters, Inc. is my very favorite. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I remember seeing it the day it opened in theaters and bursting into joyful tears during that last scene. I’ve sniffled during other Pixars, but none of them ever recaptured that same feeling.

Monsters, Inc. is a cute twist on the monster in the closet story. These monsters scare because their world is powered by the screams of human children. And the best scare-er is Sully (played by Disney favorite John Goodman), a large blue monster with the heart of a teddy bear. His best buddy and co-worker is Mike (Billy Crystal), a little green monster with one eye and a big mouth. When another co-worker, Randall (played to smarmy perfection by Steve Buscemi) leaves a closet door active in the course of an evil plot, a human girl escapes into the monster world and into Mike and Sully’s lives.

What impresses me most about this movie are the vocal performances. The animation is so-so, not as visually stunning as Finding Nemo or Brave. But when I think of Mike and Sully, I don’t think about John Goodman and Billy Crystal. I think about the adorable two monsters that are so fully realized they have a life of their own beyond the actors.

Can I just say, that I LOVE this nail polish! The Monster by Hare Polish is a sheer, dusty green with green and black glitter. This is 3 coats and a topcoat to make it all smooth. As I was applying it, I wondered if I should have used a petticoat color to make it fully opaque, but in the end I really liked how it turned out. Kind of wet looking, but in a good way. Beautiful! ~K