I feel bad for Amanda Bynes.  She’s had a lot of bad press lately, plus she’s losing all the good parts to Emma Stone.  However, I do like most of her movies.  Some more than others.  Sydney White is pretty good.  I mean, it’s no She’s the Man, but I like it.

Overall, the plot is okay.  It’s a modern retelling of Snow White set in college.  Sydney is a cute tomboy who is trying to get into a sorority, but comes up against an evil sorority president, Rachel Witchburn (see what they did there?).  She is jealous because Tyler Prince (again, how clever are those writers?)¸the hottest guy in school of course, has a little thing for Sydney.  So Rachel throws Sydney out of the sorority house in a rainstorm and she is taken in by the occupants of the Vortex, a deathtrap where all the losers on campus live.

Enter the best part of the movie, the seven dorks.  They are a group of misfits, each one seeming to share a trait with one of the seven dwarfs from the Disney cartoon.  Sydney convinces them to run for student council to help save the Vortex.  The plot kind of gets a little silly from there, well a little sillier than it already was, but the ending does encourage acceptance of everyone, which is always a nice little lesson.

Like I said, all the actors playing the dorks are adorably funny.  Rachel is sufficiently witchy and it is incredibly easy to fall in love with Tyler.  Amanda is good as Sydney, but as K and I discussed, what is up with her hair?  It just doesn’t look right throughout the entire movie.

K brings home new polishes all the time, and although they are all very pretty, it isn’t often that I can perfectly match a polish to a movie (well, except Sky High and Cinderella I guess), but as soon as she showed me her Sephora by OPI polish named Who Let the Dorks Out, I knew Sydney White was the perfect movie for this polish.

As for the polish itself, I loved it, but as K said, it is right up my alley.  Green and sparkly.  It went on pretty well, but it did take at least three coats.  It dried well, which is always a bonus for any polish I wear, as I hate waiting forever for my nails to dry.  Overall, this polish was well worth the effort (I mean, three coats, that takes time). ~E