Cinderella is not my favorite fairytale. She’s like the whimpiest princess there is (except for maybe Snow White…but that’s for another day). She allows herself to be made a virtual slave in her own house, something she puts up with for years. Then, when she doesn’t get to go to the ball, she blubbers like a baby until a deus ex machina (aka fairy godmother) appears and gets her all dolled up. The only brave thing Cinderella does is show up at the ball, which I admit, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do. (Everybody was staring right at her, for Pete’s sake!) Anyway, the Prince is wooden and has maybe two lines of dialogue (Prince Phillip he is not!). The King and the Grand Duke are by far my favorite part of this movie (which is funny, because I didn’t understand them when I was little…back then, I thought the mice were the funniest parts).

Overall, not my favorite Disney, probably because I was overexposed to it as a child (along with Bambi, Lady and the Tramp and Pinocchio). Lady Tremaine is a very nasty piece of work (as E said: Maleficent is scary, but the wicked stepmother is evil). Also up for consideration as most evil character in Cinderella? Lucifer the Cat. I just want to make guitar strings out of him!

Here’s another on the nose polish: Sinful Colors Cinderella. This one so perfectly captures Disney’s Cinderella that I couldn’t resist. It’s a vibrant sky blue with flecks of pink/orange shimmer. The downside is that it is pretty sheer…3 coats in this picture. But it’s so darn beautiful that I forgive it it’s sheerness. I guess I could layer it over something… ~K