Penelope is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It is just the perfect combination of humor, fantasy, and romance.  Not to mention brilliant writing and even better acting.  Honestly, the cast of this movie couldn’t be better.  Christina Ricci is absolutely adorable as the titular Penelope, a young woman cursed with a pig snout because of the actions of her blue-blooded ancestor.  She has to be accepted by one of her own kind to break the curse.

Penelope is constantly reminded that she is not the only victim of her curse and that no one has suffered as much as her mother, played to perfection by Catherine O’Hara.  Richard E. Grant plays Penelope’s patient (but still a little nuts) father.  I have previously expressed my love of Peter Dinklage, and this was the movie where I really decided he was amazing. Here he is a reporter trying to prove that Penelope, the pig faced girl, actually exists.  His partner in crime is Simon Woods, a blue-blood who tries to tell the world about Penelope, but no one believes.  These two are hilarious together.

James McAvoy plays Max, a down and out blue-blood who is hired by Peter and Simon to get a picture of Penelope.  He is so good in this movie and he has great chemistry with Christina Ricci.  Reese Witherspoon also plays a minor part as Penelope’s quirky friend and guide to the outside world.

Like I said, the cast is terrific, and the writing is so witty.  Here’s one from Penelope’s mom after Penelope shows her face to one of the blue-blood suitors, “Do you think I showed your father my mole after our first date?  No, I had the good sense to wait until after we were married!”   Reese plays kind of a free-spirit and has some great quotes.  For example: “What guy looks at me and thinks picket fence?  Unless he’s crazy…and I’m done dating crazy, ya know.  Done.  Unless it’s meant to be.”

There’s another great scene between Penelope and Max where they have a beautiful conversation about chess.  I know, it sounds weird, but it is one of my favorite parts of the movie.


Natural Light

For all the love I have for this movie, I have to say that I was a little disappointed in the nail polish that I chose to go with it.  My sister suggested Orly’s Mysterious Curse from the Dark Shadows collection.  I love the color, but the polish itself was pretty bad.  This was my first Orly, and I was hoping for a good experience, but the polish didn’t go on smoothly and it clumped like crazy. These pictures are 2 coats.

The color is a blue/purple duochrome and is quite eye-catching.  That is the best thing I can say about the polish.  On the other hand, I doubt I will ever run out of good things to say about Penelope. ~E