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When I first saw the trailers for Despicable Me, I didn’t have high hopes.  I mean, the trailers didn’t really give much of an indication of what it would be like, which is one of my pet peeves, plus the ad campaign started a million years before the movie.  My dad, on the other hand, was super excited.  He was constantly quoting the “It’s so fluffy” line.  I think his enthusiasm was infectious, because when it did finally come out, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see it right away.

Anyway, I did eventually see the movie, and I loved it.  I thought the minions would be annoying and that Steve Carrell couldn’t possibly pull off the goofy accent.  I was wrong on both counts.  The minions were hilarious (I love it when they bring the little girl the unicorn made out of a toilet brush, an ice cream cone, and an egg), and the goofy accent totally worked for me.

Basically, the plot is that Gru (Steve Carrell) is a super villain who wants to steal the moon.  In order to do so, he has to first get his hands on a shrink ray.  To do this, he has to steal it from Vector’s (Jason Segel) all-but impenetrable house.  Gru decides to adopt three little orphan girls after seeing them get into Vector’s house by selling him cookies.  I don’t think this is really a spoiler because I imagine you could see it from a mile away, but he totally falls in love with the three little girls and finds out that he is a much better dad than he is a super villain.

Steve Carrell is obviously the best part of the movie, but the three little girls nearly steal the show out from under him.  The best parts are definitely when the four of them are together.  Julie Andrews was a delightful surprise as Gru’s totally nasty mother.  What really makes this movie work for me are all the little details, like Gru’s creepy house and how the minions all have common, everyday names.

For this movie, I chose Sinful Colors Unicorn.  For anyone who has seen the movie, they will understand how perfect this is.  Not only is little Agnes completely obsessed with unicorns (they are fluffy after all), but this color perfectly matches the color of Gru’s minions.

As for the polish itself, I wasn’t thrilled with it.  In the bottle, it’s a nice enough yellow, but I feel like it’s a little mustardy on my nails.  It doesn’t help that I have a yellowish tint to my skin.  I think that I would have liked it a little better if there was any sort of a shimmer to it, since I do love a shimmer.  It was just a little plain Jane to me.  This was three coats, but I might have squeaked by with only two.

And in case you were wondering, any time Despicable Me is mentioned around my dad, he still says the “It’s so fluffy!!” line. ~E

Cinderella is not my favorite fairytale. She’s like the whimpiest princess there is (except for maybe Snow White…but that’s for another day). She allows herself to be made a virtual slave in her own house, something she puts up with for years. Then, when she doesn’t get to go to the ball, she blubbers like a baby until a deus ex machina (aka fairy godmother) appears and gets her all dolled up. The only brave thing Cinderella does is show up at the ball, which I admit, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do. (Everybody was staring right at her, for Pete’s sake!) Anyway, the Prince is wooden and has maybe two lines of dialogue (Prince Phillip he is not!). The King and the Grand Duke are by far my favorite part of this movie (which is funny, because I didn’t understand them when I was little…back then, I thought the mice were the funniest parts).

Overall, not my favorite Disney, probably because I was overexposed to it as a child (along with Bambi, Lady and the Tramp and Pinocchio). Lady Tremaine is a very nasty piece of work (as E said: Maleficent is scary, but the wicked stepmother is evil). Also up for consideration as most evil character in Cinderella? Lucifer the Cat. I just want to make guitar strings out of him!

Here’s another on the nose polish: Sinful Colors Cinderella. This one so perfectly captures Disney’s Cinderella that I couldn’t resist. It’s a vibrant sky blue with flecks of pink/orange shimmer. The downside is that it is pretty sheer…3 coats in this picture. But it’s so darn beautiful that I forgive it it’s sheerness. I guess I could layer it over something… ~K

The Artist & OPI Silent Mauvie

I’ve wanted to see The Artist since I first heard about it. I know this sounds unusual, but I love silent movies (Charlie Chaplin is the coolest ever…aside from that weakness for teenage girls…ewww). Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see The Artist in theaters and it took forever to convince E to watch it because she doesn’t like movies where she has to pay close attention (I get that, it is hard to paint your nails and read title cards at the same time). Anyway, I saw it at last and I was not disappointed. Jean Dujardin is all charm and so good, I could definitely buy him as a silent screen star. Berenice Bejo is just as charming and totally adorable as his leading lady (I say “leading” because she was more than just a supporting actress, despite what the Academy says).

The plot is simple: A leading man’s career is ended by the introduction of “talking pictures” while the young ingenue he discovered is catapulted into superstardom. Where the genius lies is the slightly sped up, black and white film, the dialogue intertitles and the judicious (and minimal) use of sound. One of my favorite parts is when Dujardin’s character is standing backstage at the premiere of his new movie, and as the film ends, he waits expectantly for the audience to applaud. His triumphant grin is our only clue that the applause is thunderous. I loved it.

Special mention (and his own paragraph) goes to Uggie the dog. He was unbelievably cute and by far the best actor in the show. I wish my dogs were half as awesome as Uggie (which is saying something, because my dogs are pretty awesome).

My polish for The Artist is OPI’s Silent Mauvie (from the Hollywood Collection), a color whose name says it all. This is a dusty mauve with a subtle multi-color shimmer. I only needed two coats, but the drying time was awful. This is an older black label polish and I really don’t think those were meant to be used with OPI’s RapiDry Topcoat (it doesn’t work). ~K

Hook & LA Girl Hooked

Hook is one of the first movies I remember seeing in the theater (The Little Mermaid is the very first I remember…we were late), so it will always hold a special place in my heart, I don’t care what the critics say. The plot is a little farfetched: Peter Pan grows up, gets married, has a couple kids and becomes the poster boy for workaholics. When the aforementioned kids are kidnapped by his old foe, Captain James Hook (who somehow survived being swallowed by a freakin’ crocodile), Peter returns to Neverland to get back in touch with his inner child…oh and rescue his children. Robin Williams obviously had fun doing this one, but I don’t really buy him as a grumpy dad. He’s much more believable as a tightwearing man-child.

As for the rest of the cast, Dustin Hoffman is fantastic as the titular Captain Hook. His wordplay with all of the other actors is a treat (and I suspect a lot of it was ad-libbed). Bob Hoskins as Smee is my very favorite. I quote him all the time (“Lightning has just struck my brain…”). Julia Roberts is an interesting choice as Tinkerbell, probably miscast, but I can’t think of somebody else who could have done better. Maggie Smith is underused as Granny Wendy, but her aging makeup is awesome. All of the kids are appropriately cute and sassy, but there’s not much more to say about them.

Where this movie really shines is in the details. Dustin Hoffman as the voice of the airplane pilot (“This is your captain speaking…” Hahaha!), the little hook latch on the bedroom window and the giant crocodile clock. My favorite scene of all is the Never Feast, where Peter and the Lost Boys eat an imaginary meal. No matter what, it always makes me hungry!

My polish for this movie is LA Girl’s Hooked, from their Color Addict Collection (I know, it’s a bit on the nose…). This is a beautiful blue varnish with a subtle gold shimmer. It’s hard to describe exactly what shade of blue it is, but I would say it was somewhere between dusty slate blue and robin’s egg blue. This picture is 3 coats but I could have gotten away with 2. The formula was lovely to apply and easy to take off. Definitely a winner. ~K

Penelope & Orly Mysterious Curse

Penelope is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It is just the perfect combination of humor, fantasy, and romance.  Not to mention brilliant writing and even better acting.  Honestly, the cast of this movie couldn’t be better.  Christina Ricci is absolutely adorable as the titular Penelope, a young woman cursed with a pig snout because of the actions of her blue-blooded ancestor.  She has to be accepted by one of her own kind to break the curse.

Penelope is constantly reminded that she is not the only victim of her curse and that no one has suffered as much as her mother, played to perfection by Catherine O’Hara.  Richard E. Grant plays Penelope’s patient (but still a little nuts) father.  I have previously expressed my love of Peter Dinklage, and this was the movie where I really decided he was amazing. Here he is a reporter trying to prove that Penelope, the pig faced girl, actually exists.  His partner in crime is Simon Woods, a blue-blood who tries to tell the world about Penelope, but no one believes.  These two are hilarious together.

James McAvoy plays Max, a down and out blue-blood who is hired by Peter and Simon to get a picture of Penelope.  He is so good in this movie and he has great chemistry with Christina Ricci.  Reese Witherspoon also plays a minor part as Penelope’s quirky friend and guide to the outside world.

Like I said, the cast is terrific, and the writing is so witty.  Here’s one from Penelope’s mom after Penelope shows her face to one of the blue-blood suitors, “Do you think I showed your father my mole after our first date?  No, I had the good sense to wait until after we were married!”   Reese plays kind of a free-spirit and has some great quotes.  For example: “What guy looks at me and thinks picket fence?  Unless he’s crazy…and I’m done dating crazy, ya know.  Done.  Unless it’s meant to be.”

There’s another great scene between Penelope and Max where they have a beautiful conversation about chess.  I know, it sounds weird, but it is one of my favorite parts of the movie.


Natural Light

For all the love I have for this movie, I have to say that I was a little disappointed in the nail polish that I chose to go with it.  My sister suggested Orly’s Mysterious Curse from the Dark Shadows collection.  I love the color, but the polish itself was pretty bad.  This was my first Orly, and I was hoping for a good experience, but the polish didn’t go on smoothly and it clumped like crazy. These pictures are 2 coats.

The color is a blue/purple duochrome and is quite eye-catching.  That is the best thing I can say about the polish.  On the other hand, I doubt I will ever run out of good things to say about Penelope. ~E

I think that Disney needs to fire their advertising department. For the past several years (starting with The Princess and the Frog) I have not been impressed with their movie trailers. I thought TPatF looked like a Don Bluth ripoff (don’t get me wrong, I love Don Bluth, but who likes being ripped off?), I couldn’t tell what in the heck John Carter or Brave were about and Wreck-It Ralph looks unfunny to the extreme. But it’s Disney, so I go see the movies anyway and I am rarely disappointed. The problem is, not everyone is as devoted to Disney as I am, so when one of their excellent movies doesn’t do as well at the box office as they hope, they freak out and change things and just generally tick me off. Disney, the solution is simple: Just make better trailers!

Anyway. my movie for today is The Princess and the Frog, which is so not a Don Bluth ripoff. In fact, it is one of my very favorite Disney movies of all time, and that is not faint praise. In one corner, we have hardworking waitress, Tiana, who dreams of opening her own swanky restaurant and has put all other pursuits (romance, friends and fun) on the back-burner. In the other corner, we have Prince Naveen, devilishly charming rake, who lives for parties, music and general irresponsibility, but who has unfortunately been financially cutoff by his parents. The two collide when Naveen is magically transformed into a frog–by the wicked voodoo man, Dr. Facilier for his own nefarious purposes–and convinces Tiana to give him a smooch. Since she isn’t a princess, this plan backfires and (spoilers!) turns Tiana into a frog as well. Together, they go on a journey through the bayou, making friends (like trumpet playing alligator Louis, lovestruck firefly Ray, and bizarre voodoo queen Mama Odie) and teaching each other how to balance fun with responsibility.

The voice cast is perfection (and this is the first Disney cartoon since Beauty and the Beast where all of the cast did their own singing) and the animation is lush and beautifully rendered. I’m not ashamed to admit that I find Prince Naveen incredibly attractive (as a human…not so much as a frog). Honorable mention goes out to Jim Cummings as Ray. He made me love that darn firefly.

My polish for this movie is Sinful Colors Kissy (because an ill-advised kiss is what started Tiana on her journey). This is a pretty teal with big pieces of gold shimmer that is just gorgeous. I know that every nail polish company has a color just like this, but I think that it’s pretty enough to have a couple of them, right? This applied like a dream with three coats for complete coverage and no bubbling (which is a problem I often have with Sinful Colors). Unfortunately, this was a beast to get off with all of that shimmer clinging stubbornly to my nails and some serious blue staining of my fingers. I read somewhere that whitening toothpaste helps with polish staining, and although I was skeptic, I gave it a try. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, but be sure to leave it on your fingers at least until the paste dries. ~K

Listed from least favorite to favorite 🙂

(12) OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons. A nude creme (2 coats)

(11) OPI My Very First Knockwurst. A more pinkish nude creme (2 coats)

(10) OPI Don’t Talk Bach To Me. An avacado green with subtle shimmer (2 coats)



(9) OPI Berlin There Done That. A grayish-purplish taupe creme (2 coats)


Natural Light

(8) OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby. A rust orange shimmer…almost metallic (2 coats)



(7) OPI Danke-Shiny Red. A vibrant red shimmer…almost metallic (2 coats)



(6) OPI Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs. A reddish toned purple…almost metallic. (3 coats)

(5) OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine. A dark gray creme (2 coats)

(Note: My polish had a very faint red shimmer in it. No one else has mentioned this, so maybe I just had a faulty bottle. It was still kind of cool. And bonus points for an awesome name.)



(4) OPI Schnapps Out of It. A terracotta brown with slight shimmer (2 coats)



(3) OPI German-icure By OPI. A dark shimmering red (2 coats)



(2) OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue. A vibrant blue shimmer…almost metallic (2 coats)



(1) OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest. A deep wine shimmer (2 coats)

A wonderful Fall collection from OPI. There’s a little something here for everyone. I like that they gave us plenty of shimmers and kept the cremes to a minimum (I’m a sucker for shimmer). The formulas were pretty great overall, most of them were 2 coaters. The thing I liked best about this collection was the easy removal. My ideal polishes go on easy and come off just as easily. The only one I had any removal trouble with was Danke-Shiny Red because of its super saturated pigmentation, but even that came off like a dream compared to some polishes I’ve used. Way to go, OPI!

I have always liked Keri Russell.  I think it stems from the fact that I have been told that I look like her.  The only two reasons I can think this would happen is because we both have round little faces and crazy curly hair.  Okay, so her crazy curly hair was not on display in August Rush, but anyone who has seen Felicity knows what I’m talking about.  I also remember her from the New Mickey Mouse Club (yes, I’m that old) and she was always one of my favorite Mousketeers.

Even though he’s got a reputation for being a wild child, I also like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  He’s got those eyes (I’m totally an eye person).  He also sings in this movie a lot.  Swoon!  I love his complete devotion to Keri Russell’s character.  Devotion totally adds to a guy’s appeal.

These two play young musicians who fall in love at a party, but after their one night together, her dad takes her off where Jonathan can’t find her.  Nine months later, she gives birth to a baby, but her jerk-face dad tells her the baby died and he puts the baby up for adoption.

Freddie Highmore plays their adorable musical prodigy son who ends up alone in New York City.  Robin Williams, who is a touch creepy as the Fagan-esque ringleader of the homeless children of New York, takes him in and teaches him to play the guitar.  He runs away from that life and enrolls in Juliard, which eventually reunites his family.

This is a touching little flick, all about the power of music. Hence, I chose OPI’s Concerto in Copper polish (from the 2004 Holiday in Harmony Collection).  So, I love copper in general, and this polish was no different.  It is a beautiful copper color with tiny copper glitter.

In this picture, I put on two coats of polish with a top coat.  This polish went on smoothly and dried fairly quickly.  Let’s just say that I kind of loved it! ~E

I’m racking my brain trying to think if I have ever seen a movie with Zach Galifianakis.  I know I haven’t seen either of the Hangover movies, and I didn’t see Due Date.  Taking that all into consideration, I am a big fan of Mr. Galifianakis ever since I saw him in a short lived TV show called Tru Calling.  In that show, he was adorably clueless, at least socially, and quite possibly the nicest medical examiner ever.

When I saw previews for the movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story, it piqued my interest.  I thought maybe Zach would be playing a similar character to Davis in Tru Calling, instead of the totally nutso characters that he tends to play (although I did love him and Will Farrell at the most recent Oscars).  I find it amusing that I just said he played other nutso characters, and this movie takes place mostly in the mental ward of a hospital.

Anyway, I didn’t love this movie, although there were parts I did like a lot.  The main character has some crazy dream sequences, including the patients doing a lip-sync to Queen’s “Under Pressure”.  It was pretty hilarious.

I think the main character was relatable, which helped the story work, and all the actors performed their roles admirably.  There was just something about it that just didn’t work for me and I can’t figure out what it was.  Suffice it to say, this movie was interesting, but not one that I would buy for my own collection.

Because of the setting of this movie, OPI’s Cuckoo for This Color (from the Swiss Collection) just made sense.  I kind of loved this color.  It was a beautiful, shimmery green color.  It did stain my fingernails a tiny bit, but other than that, it was a dream to get off compared to the glittery polishes I have been wearing recently.  The polish itself was nice because it only took two coats and it dried without much of a hassle. ~E

It’s kind of fun to see famous actors get their Klingon on. This time around it’s Christopher Plummer (who will always be Captain Von Trapp to me…sorry Chris) and David Warner. (What’s that you say? Who is David Warner? Well…he’s only the bad guy from Tron. That makes him famous in my book.)

Peace between the Federation and the Klingons is within reach when everything goes all pear-shaped and Captain Kirk is blamed. He and McCoy are shipped off to a frozen prison planet (a la Hoth…another Star Wars ripoff?) where they befriend a sexy shapeshifter (although befriend is probably the wrong word for what she and Kirk do).

I really enjoyed all of the Shakespearean references in this one (even though you can’t fully appreciate the Bard when it’s not in the “original Klingon”).


Natural Light

My polish for this movie is Misa’s Shields Up (from the Surreal Escape Collection), a light purple/green duochrome shimmer that leans a little silver. (The Klingons have a ship that can fire without lowering it’s cloaking device, which is what makes this polish appropriate.) It’s a little on the frosty side (which E loves and I hate) and has a horrendous drying time. (Note to self: Never paint nails and promptly jump in the shower. It’s not pretty.) The collection as a whole is very cool, but you could probably pass on this one. ~K

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