Listed least favorite to favorite 🙂

(6) Orly Peachy Parrot is a frosty peach mess (3 coats)

(5) Orly Sweet Peacock is a vibrant blue foil (2 coats)

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(4) Orly Lucky Duck is a jade green creme (2 coats). For more info, check out my review of Just My Luck.

(3) Orly Sea Gurl is a frosty taupe shimmer (2 coats)


Natural Light

(2) Orly Nite Owl has a taupe base with thick silver shimmer (3 coats)


Natural Light

(1) Orly Fowl Play has a deep purple base with color-shifting flakes and bright blue glitter scattered throughout (3 coats)

Overall, this is a pretty awesome collection. I had a hard time ranking these bad boys (aside from first and last, of course). The formula was really great on all (except for Peachy Parrot, which was a frosty, streaky disaster). I didn’t expect to like Lucky Duck, because it is a creme and green (I love green, but it looks terrible with my skin tone) but it didn’t make me look like a boiled lobster and was actually quite flattering. The rest of the shimmers are gorgeous (although Sweet Peacock has a lot of identical twins out there) and Fowl Play is a masterpiece of polish.