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What can I say about Hugo?  It is a movie about movies directed by Mr. Movie himself, Martin Scorsese.  I guess I can say that the trailers for this movie were a bit misleading.  I thought this movie was going to be more about Hugo and his automaton and less about the cranky toy shop owner, but what do I know?  It did seem odd that Mr. Scorsese would make a movie about a kid running around a train station if there wasn’t another angle to it (and I assumed it wouldn’t end up being about gangsters, not with that PG rating).

Anyway, I liked Hugo.  I really did, but it was a little long.  In fact, I might have fallen asleep for just a few minutes, but I did like it.  Who knows, maybe I would have loved it if I’d seen it in the theater with that uber fancy 3-D all the kids are talking about these days.

The cast was quite good.  I particularly liked Sacha Baron Cohen as the Station Inspector.  It was nice to see him as more of a real person than a caricature (I’m looking at you Bruno).  I thought it was sweet the way he was so in love with the little flower shop girl, but always lost his nerve when talking to her.  And even though all the orphans were terrified of him, and for good reason, he totally saved Hugo’s life.

Asa Butterfield was good as Hugo, but to be honest, he kind of creeps me out.  I think it’s those eyes.  They are just so blue.   Hopefully he’ll grow out of the creepy phase and look something akin to Matt Bomer (Mr. Beautiful Blue Eyes himself).  Chloe Moretz was appropriately adorable, and Ben Kingsley was good as Georges Melies, the cranky toy shop owner and master filmmaker of the silent film era.

In honor of Hugo’s automaton, I chose to use The Ten Man from China Glaze’s Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection.  This was my first China Glaze, and I was quite impressed with the color.  It is a nice silver polish with silver glitter.  In this picture, I put on three coats.  Because of the glitter, I highly recommend a top coat to help smooth the nail surface.

I do have to mention that as with most glitter polishes, this one was a beast to get off.  I personally like my polish to go on smooth and come off the same.

Like I said, I liked Hugo, and I liked The Ten Man, but I can’t say that I really loved either. ~E

We Bought a Zoo & Orly Sweet Peacock

I would like to give the casting director for We Bought a Zoo a high five. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Matt Damon fathered those children (played by Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones). The once and future Jason Bourne plays a widower and struggling dad who (you guessed it) buys a down on its luck zoo. With a lot of hard work and expense he manages to revive the zoo (and the quirky staff that came along with it).

I  really enjoyed the supporting cast in this one, notable Angus Macfadyen as the alcohol-soaked Scotsman who designed the zoo, Thomas Hayden Church as Matt’s bad advice giving brother, and John Michael Higgins as a ca-razy zoo inspector. Even Scarlett Johansson is quite good as a put upon zookeeper. (I’m not jealous of her or anything. Not at all.)

I chose Orly’s Sweet Peacock (from the Birds of a Feather Collection) for this movie because there are a bunch of peacocks in it and I don’t seem to have a lot of animal themed polishes. (Also, I apologize for the writing on my hand in the picture. Totally by coincidence, I wrote a note to remind myself to take my charges to the zoo.) Sweet Peacock was a nice blue foil that was totally opaque in two coats. The real problem came at removal time when it stained my nails and cuticles a lovely blue. ~K

Listed least favorite to favorite 🙂

(6) Orly Peachy Parrot is a frosty peach mess (3 coats)

(5) Orly Sweet Peacock is a vibrant blue foil (2 coats)

Get more info at my review of We Bought a Zoo.

(4) Orly Lucky Duck is a jade green creme (2 coats). For more info, check out my review of Just My Luck.

(3) Orly Sea Gurl is a frosty taupe shimmer (2 coats)


Natural Light

(2) Orly Nite Owl has a taupe base with thick silver shimmer (3 coats)


Natural Light

(1) Orly Fowl Play has a deep purple base with color-shifting flakes and bright blue glitter scattered throughout (3 coats)

Overall, this is a pretty awesome collection. I had a hard time ranking these bad boys (aside from first and last, of course). The formula was really great on all (except for Peachy Parrot, which was a frosty, streaky disaster). I didn’t expect to like Lucky Duck, because it is a creme and green (I love green, but it looks terrible with my skin tone) but it didn’t make me look like a boiled lobster and was actually quite flattering. The rest of the shimmers are gorgeous (although Sweet Peacock has a lot of identical twins out there) and Fowl Play is a masterpiece of polish.

Like E, I too am a sucker for all things Holmesian (probably more so, but don’t tell her I said any such thing). I loved the first Sherlock Holmes and was so excited for the sequel, it’s kind if ridiculous. Game of Shadows reunites the fantabulous duo of Robert Downey Jr. (Ilovehimilovehimilovehim) and Jude law (love him too), whose chemistry is the stuff of bromance legend. The boys continue to impress as they are pitted against evil genius Professor Moriarty (played by the always creepy Jared Harris), and assisted by a lovely gypsy (Noomi Rapace). Although I loved this instalment, I think it fell short of the original in several respects. Rachel McAdams is criminally underused (see what I did there?) as the delightful Irene Adler, while Inspector Lestrade is reduced to a ten second cameo. Stephen Fry is fun as Sherlock’s smarter older brother, but I didn’t need to see that much 0f his naked body. As I said, Jared Harris is creepy, but I very rarely got the feeling that his Moriarty was crazy enough to go the distance. (For an example of what Moriarty should be, check out Andrew Scott in BBC’s Sherlock. Brrr. He’s crazy.) And last, but not least, the drawn out running-in-slow-motion-through-the-woods-while-bullets-and-cannon-balls-whizz-past scene. It probably lasted only five minutes, but it felt like hours. The technical aspects of it were neat, but I was ready to get back to the plot after just a few seconds.

My polish choice is kind of a no brainer: OPI’s Mystery (from the Designer Series). A very dark purple (almost black) base with large flecks of gold shimmer. This one had a thick formula, which made it kind of tricky, but opaque in two coats. And the end result? Breathtaking. This is one of those don’t judge a polish by its bottle instances. ~K

I am a total sucker for movies or TV shows with Sherlock Holmes.  I don’t even know when it started, but I watch pretty much anything Sherlock related that has come out in recent years (I haven’t watched any of the old Sherlock Holmes movies from the 30s, mostly because Basil Rathbone kind of creeps me out).  I adore the British TV series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  I watched a trailer for the new TV series Elementary and I have to say that my interest is definitely piqued (Watson is totally a girl!).

Maybe I can trace this back to the Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr.  I know, I know, that movie came out a whopping three years ago, but it was just so darn engaging that it reminded me how much I enjoy Sherlock and Watson as characters (I always loved Disney’s take on Sherlock in The Great Mouse Detective).  What really made this version work for me were the actors.  I must admit that I was a little nervous about Jude Law as Watson, but holy cow, he was perfect!  I thought he and Robert Downey Jr. had amazing chemistry.  I mean, Robert Downey Jr. being fantastic was a given, but Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Strong (who just does creepy so well) were also extraordinary.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you know that Mark Strong’s character, Lord Blackwell, turns London upside down by returning from the dead.  His ultimate plan is to kill off all the members of Parliament that are not loyal to him.  This would allow him to restore his own type of order in the midst of the chaos.  And of course, Sherlock’s job is to stop him.

Because of this, a nail polish called Disorder (from the Color Addict collection) seemed like a natural fit.  To be honest, I have always been a little hesitant to put dark or extreme nail polish on my fingernails.  I think it stems from a bad navy blue polish experience in 8th grade, but I digress.  Recently, I have decided that I quite like the look of dark polish on my nails, so I saw this gray polish with gold flecks and I thought, why not?

I quite liked this polish.  It is thick and coats well, but it didn’t seem like it took forever to dry.  The gold flecks are subtle, but they add a bit of femininity to the gray base of the polish.  Overall, I was quite impressed with LA Girl Color Addict’s Disorder.  ~E

One Day & OPI It’s My Year

Apparently, E and I were in a bit of an Anne Hathaway mood this week (although it was really just a coincidence…really, it was). So for our second AH movie in as many days, we watched the romantic dramedy One Day. So you know how I didn’t cry during War Horse? Well, I totally bawled at the end of this one. No spoilers, I just thought you should know that I’m not totally heartless.

That said, this was a pretty formulaic love story, with the stereotypical nerdy girl falling for the charismatic rich boy. We as an audience only see one day (July 15th to be exact) of every year in their relationship. Where this film gets it right is the acting. I was a little nervous about Anne’s British accent (I am an unrepentant anglophile, and get nervous whenever Americans attempt the British accent…and vice-versa…I’m looking at you Gerard Butler), but this proved to be a fleeting distraction. By year three I was engrossed enough by the story that it wasn’t an issue. Jim Sturgess was surprisingly adorable, despite a completely unlikable character. His aging from early twenties to mid forties was pretty believable too (unlike Anne who looks the same age throughout, just with different haircuts). The supporting cast was serviceable but ultimately forgettable, because this is a movie about two people.

I would have liked One Day a lot more if there had been slightly less nudity (or, like, none at all) and I could have done without the F-bomb (which seems to be obligatory in romance movies these days. Why?)

Choosing a polish was a little tricky for this one, because a color didn’t spring immediately to mind while I was watching it, but eventually I decided to go with a pun-ny name (It’s My Year. Get it? Yeah, I know. I’ve done better.)  This polish (from OPI’s 2011 Miss Universe Collection) was just gorgeous, with a raisin-y purple base and intense gold shimmer. Here is a photo in natural light that really shows off that awesomeness:

I got a bunch of compliments on this one. The formula was really good and I used three coats for total coverage.  This one is a total winner. ~K

I didn’t have high expectations for Rio (although I rarely have high expectations for any animated movie that isn’t Disney or Pixar) and the trailers didn’t do much to allay my suspicions, but I gave it a shot, mainly because of Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg. (Don’t tell me I’m the only one who fell in love with him in The Social Network.) I’m very pleased to say that neither of them disappointed. Eisenberg was especially awesome as the neurotic macaw Blue (and did I mention that he sings?).

The animation was pretty good, especially how they captured the exotic beauty of Rio de Janeiro. But where the film really stood out is the music–the samba rhythms and awesome performances from several cast members. (I think Jemaine Clement, who plays the villainous cockatoo Nigel, could sing the phonebook and I would be entertained.)

I’m rather pleased with my polish pick this time. OPI’s Fly (from the 2012 Nicki Minaj Collection) is a pretty turquoise creme that reminds me of the azure plumage of Rio‘s protagonists, Blue and Jewel. (Is there a polish called Blue Jewel? That would be awesome.)

The formula was a little thick on this one, so I only needed two coats for full coverage, but it was still tricky to work with. Overall, gorgeous color, rough application. ~K

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. Both E and I have been suffering from some serious nail malfunctions and we’re finally getting back to a point where we can varnish up again.

So, to get back in review mode…I have Steven Spielberg’s epic tearjerker, War Horse. My previous reviews were all movies I’ve seen hundreds of times, but this was the first time I’d seen WH. (No, I didn’t see it in the theater. Yes, it’s because I didn’t want to pay to see it.)

I’m a sucker for boy-and-his-pet movies, and this one started out as such, but quickly evolved into your typical war movie (something I don’t like because it makes me sad and angry at the stupidity of the human race in general…and men specifically). The acting was top notch and the cinematography completely breathtaking. I admit to getting a little misty-eyed at several parts, though I never actually cried (the same cannot be said for E).

The thing I was most excited about–the presence of two of my boys (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston)–was disappointing, as their – amounted to no more than ten minutes tops (not nearly enough Ben and Tom for my tastes).

Picking a polish for this film was tricky, considering I’d never seen it before, and my first thought was Color Club’s Wild and Willing. However, after just a few minutes of watching that beautiful horse and the care he takes of his humans and fellow equines, I changed my pick to Sinful Colors Rich in Heart.

The polish has a black base with deep reddish brown flecks of shimmer that glow like embers in the right light. It was totally opaque in two coats, but I found the formula to be thick and slow-drying with a severe case of the bubbles. Make sure you wait for that first coat to dry a bit before you apply the next one.

Rich in Heart is a beautiful color, but probably not worth the trouble, unlike Joey the horse, who truly is rich in heart. I don’t think I’ll watch War Horse again any time soon (once was enough for me) but it was definitely a worthwhile view. ~K

My sister asked me if I liked the movie New Year’s Eve.  My response?  Eh.  There were parts that I quite liked, but I think overall, eh sums it up.  I know the point of sticking as many celebrities into the movie as possible was to attract a wide array of moviegoers, but I always tend to like one or two story lines and can’t wait to get through the other plots to find out what happens to those characters that caught my interest.

In this movie, I was quite interested in the Zac Effron/Michelle Pfeiffer plot line.  In the movie, Michelle is a mousy secretary who bribes courier Zac with invites to the hippest party in New York City to help her fulfill all of her New Year’s resolutions from the current year before midnight.  Because the movie takes place entirely on New Year’s Eve, this doesn’t give Zac a lot of time, but he comes up with some pretty creative ways to help Michelle cross the items off her list.  Of course, he also learns a life lesson about other people’s feelings and proves to be quite a sensitive fellow.

I also enjoyed Jessica Biel and Seth Myers plotline.  They play a married couple about to have their first child.  They find out that the first baby born at that hospital in the new year will receive a cash prize and they end up competing with another couple to win that “honor.”  Seth Meyers is a funny dude!

The other plot lines are okay, but not as engaging.  Hilary Swank gave a nice performance as the lady running the Times Square ball drop.  She gives a lovely, although saccharine, speech about forgiveness and second chances, which is pretty much the theme of the movie.  Everybody either has to forgive someone, or ask for a second chance.

Honestly, I thought all of the actors gave respectable performances, but there was just too much going on and it was hard to care about everyone.  I felt the same way about Gary Marshall’s other star-studded holiday themed movie, Valentine’s Day.  There were just some plotlines that could have been left out, and other’s that could have been an entire movie all on their own.

Having said all of that, I do enjoy these movies.  They are by no means cinematic art at its finest, but they are a nice two hour distraction.

At one point in the movie, Hilary Swank is supervising people throwing confetti off the roof of a building to practice for the big night.  Not impressed with their skills, Hilary says, “Don’t just dump them! Float them in the wind! They should be magical.”

This helped me to choose Confetti by Jesse’s Girl as my choice for this movie.  I loved the purple and blue glitter.  The receptionist at my dentist’s office was impressed.

On the downside, it did take three coats to get a good, solid finish.  I think if you wanted to use it as a top coat, one coat would probably be quite nice.  The other downside was removal.  Glitter polish is always difficult, and this polish was no different.  I like polish that is easy to put on and easy to remove.

Although this polish wasn’t “magical,” I did like it.  Kind of like the movie New Year’s Eve.  ~E

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